HALion 5 : questions about RAM usage

I need your opinion.

1- Isn’t HALion supposed to load into RAM the amount displayed in “MEM” ?
Please see the attachement : it actually uses 1GB of RAM instead of 417MB !
Is this normal ?

2- Why do I have 128TB virtual memory available ?!

3- I started these investigations because of a weird problem in Cubase Score after loading a large amount of samples, about 10GB, that leads to 7-8GB of used RAM : in this situation, when I attempt to change a note head in Cubase Score, the GUI gets unresponsive, the menus work but I can’t click inside any window. When I unload some samples and get below 5GB of RAM used or so, everything works again.

And last
4- Closing Cubase takes a lot of time when large libraries are loaded. The unloading of all the samples from RAM is very slow, several minutes.

Any idea anyone ?
Is there a problem with my installation ?
I’m using a rather old but still powerful enough configuration for Cubase. Could this be the problem.