HALion 5 track or rack how do you set it up

Curious to know how people use halion I use it as a rack but
Been thinking of trying it as multiple tracks I’m sure this has been debated
But my search comes up nothing for halion


I use H5 as a rack as well. With 4 input ports for 64 channels, and dozens of audio ports assignable, it’s pretty rare I need more than one instance (also considering I mix and match other plugins with H5).

I’ve read some people claim that multiple instances on instrument tracks distributes the load among CPU cores better. I don’t now if this is true or not, and there is certainly no harm in trying it on your system to see if it helps. I’ve never had problems with running a single instance in Rack mode and loading it up with all I need here (I just need to remember to add polyphony/voices in the “Options Tab” as a project grows to need it)…all six cores in my Phenom II rig get used pretty evenly (rarely tops %30 for any individual core with the sorts of projects I do), and I’ve left it at the default settings for CPU core management…

Groove Agent 4, I’m more inclined to start with an instrument track for that one, leave it empty, and do the work on MIDI tracks. Later I might normalize and merge the MIDI tracks to the instrument track with channel set ANY. The main reason for this is because I can make ‘MIDIloop’ files directly from ‘instrument tracks’. MIDIloops are cool because they’ll preview exactly as created from MediaBay, and if you drag them onto a project the associated plugins and all are set-up automatically.