Halion 5 trial download error

Hi, I received an email of a few Steinberg VSTs on sale. Halion 5, Groove agent 4 and Piano 3
Decided to download the trial version of Halion 5, download says its 10.1GB but my file downloaded is
10,635,450 KB. Anyways I downloaded this huge file and its a corrupt Winrar zip file. Tried using repair archive but that didn’t work,
Seriously not tempted to try downloading again as my ISP bandwidth is already stretched.

Not sure how I got an unexpected end of archieve, in the past this has happened when the download was ended early not when the expected file is larger than it should be?

Is the trial file corrupt or just my luck that it was downloaded corrupt?

Oh well, my loss. Couldn’t test drive the vst and hours spent checking youtube videos for sound examples lead no where.
Guess I’ll never know how good Halion 5 is.

Peace out. :slight_smile:

I have the same problem, Halion 5 trial WIN is a corrupted zip file.
I sent a request to support and on their facebook page.
But no answer, it seems they just don’t care, I never buy steinberg stuff, probably I’ll never do it, hoping for customers that their software are better then this very bad support experience.

Thanks for the reply. I guessed they uploaded a corrupt file and didn’t want to download the same huge file over and over.
Great way to sell products and not screw over potential customers 101

Great customer service Steinberg…not.

Wasted download size of 20GB the last two days.

so it seems they lost at least 3 sell.

With any luck Steinberg staff will take pity and upload a working/ tested trial file. Having said that, there’s no way I’m paying the full price.

Hi all,

Apparently the Windows trial installer was corrupt. We have just exchanged the trial version on the server. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Thank’s Matthias but your promo is over, so it’s a no go to me.

I have the same issue

Missed the boat on that 3 day special window.
What sucks is I couldn’t get an idea how HAlion 5 sounds. All the YouTube videos I watched just talked and talked about this and that feature, new synths Voltage yadda yadda, hows it sound?
Oh well, until next time. :ugeek:

Typical Steinberg customer service…