Halion 5 Upgrade Licence

How do I get the Halion 5 upgrade licence, is it automatic?

I purchased Halion 6 but have not activated or installed due the the wiping out of the Halion 5 licence which I need for the machines which do not support Halion 6. Soft licence not really an option in my workflow.

I have emailed support as a customer under My Steinberg but no response yet (3 days and counting).

This is all getting a bit frustrating.

If I activate the Halion 6 is there an auto replacement with a Halion 5 upgrade licence on the dongle or have I got to be sent a manual supplementary licence from Steinberg?.

If I have to wait for a Steinberg support response some idea on how long this takes would at least help me plan workload.

Feedback appreciated.


Hi Dave,

if you want to use HALion 5 after the update to HALion 6 you will need the HALion 5 Add-on license that only the support can provide. The H5 license will then show up next to your H6 license on your USB dongle. Apologies for the inconvenience.

why should the consumer be inconvenienced?
why do they need to wait for support to resolve this issue, and why is it not automated as part of the transaction?
i.e. why does the licensing processes not look that a users has upgraded their product, and automatically (re)issue the HAL5 license (both 32bit and 64bit) at the time of purchase, so that when a user logs into their MySteinberg they can auto-recieve their HAL5(HAL4, HAL3 etc) entitlements

There are so many CUSTOMERS on the forum that are frustrated, let down, and left stranded at the moment re the way SB have gone about with the H6 licensing and how entitlements have been revoked.

SB should be reacting with an urgency and immediacy to resolve and ensure their customers are satisfied - … instead of the level of frustration due to what appears to be a lack of responsive support.

Do your help-desk teams, support team/leaders managers even read the forums to get an understanding of peoples frustration?

Day 5 and still no response from support regards this upgrade licence, so still unable to Install 6 without losing access to software on my older machines.

Wonder if this delay is as a consequence of so many users having to contact support at the same time due to this decision to not include the licence automatically. Bet the number of staff on support has not been supplemented.

But where is their incentive they’ve already got my money.

Given the length of time I have been a customer of Steinberg and a purchaser of nearly every product over the years with very little use of their support resources it appears customer loyalty counts for nothing in their business model.

Unhappy and frustrated.