HALion 5, VSTSs and Compatibilty with Elements 7

if u could plz help me with my 3 issues, it will be greatly appreciated:

1- I have Cubase Elements 7 and I like to buy HALion Sonic 2 and/or HALion 5, my Question is that … do they support the Cubase Elements 7 ?? or not ?? I mean … can i just buy them … install them ?? or they are not compatible with Cubase Elements 7 ?

2- i read that Cubase Elements 7 comes with some guitar effects ( Amp Rack ) but i cannot find it in the vst instruments … only the sonic se, Groove Agent , and Prologue .

3- do all vst sound plug-ins are compatible with Elements 7 ?? for example the Sounds of souls and etc… .

forgive my silly Questions … but i m totally new to this world … though i m a pro music composer … only NOOB with these stuff :slight_smile:

thank for reading an spending some on my post … and ur help is appreciated

Yes, all VST’s are compatible with Elements, except for very old ones (older than VST 2.4) that can be hit or miss (with ANY version of Cubase.) Anyhow, every VST in current production is definitely compatible.

Don’t know if Amp Rack comes with Elements (EDIT: yeah, it does, I just checked), but certainly you won’t find it in the VST instruments because…it’s not an instrument. :wink:

Create a new track and then go to the track inspector (on the far left of your screen), click on “inserts” and then click on one of the empty slots. You will be presented with a menu of all plugin FX installed on your machine.

Oh … thank u so much for the tip and reply … so many thx mate :slight_smile: