[Halion 6.0.0] Amp release time ignores Bypass Amp Env

When enabling “Bypass Amplitude Envelope”, the release time of the Amp envelope is still active.

Reproducible steps:

  1. Create an empty program
  2. Add Sample Zone + sample
  3. Create a continuous release loop on the sample
  4. Bypass the zone’s amplitude envelope (Bypass Amplitude Envelope)
  5. Set the time of Env Node 4 from 200 to 30000 ms
  6. Play a short note

The note is sounding for over length of 30000ms and then stops (end of envelope’s release time).

Expected result:
There’s no release length and as long as the generator sounds, the sound should be there. For example: A sample with a continuous loop should be able to loop forever. Currentely the maximum length is 30000ms because the sample is stopped by the envelop’s release time.