Halion 6.15 VST presets not visible in HS(SE)3.15 after updates

After updating to the latest versions (6.16 and 3.15) any presets i save do not update the user preset banks of halion sonic(or SE). Looking at the mediabay via Cubase does show changes or new presets. Exploring the folder itself confirms that the files are there. All the presets created before the updates are still available for selection. Hence, this leaves me with useless Halion Sonic versions for newly created Halion samples/sounds.

Running win 8.1 with Cub 9.5.3, Halion 6, The Grand and GA4. No other changes in Win software or configuration done meanwhile.
Am i overlooking something? :confused:

Update: reinstalled Hal6 (6.0.0) on another system and also here the problem now shows.
Deductively it is not a 6.1.15 update problem.
The only other thing the two machines now have is common is the latest cubase 9.5.3 release…(?)

After testing many, many scenario and way too many hours i can add following details to the issue:
A Hal 6 layer export is the only export or save that finds its way to the HS3(SE) preset list - i can then use the sound in HS3 but without the interface gui (Auron, anima etc) - black screen.

The other way around, If i save a preset from HS3 i can see and fully call it back up in Hal 6 for edit.
If i edit that preset that originated in HS3 and re-export it to the same location with the same name, it does show up on the user presets in HS3.
It cannot however be selected. After other activities in HS3, that last edited preset from Hal 6 then disappears from the preset list in HS3.

Make sure you’re saving over the old presets in the right location. If you’re saving them as new presets or in a different location as the originals it will never update. For example if you created a preset in HSSE3 and then try to save it in HS6 it may save the preset in the HS6 folder instead of the HSSE3 folder causing there to be two completely different presets with the exact name.