HALion 6.2.10, HALion Sonic 3.2.10 and HALion Sonic SE 3.2.15 Maintenance Update

Dear all,

we have released the latest maintenance updates for HALion 6.2.10 and HALion Sonic 3.2.10 and HALion Sonic SE 3.2.15
The update provides new features like HIDPI support, definable bigger macropages and a new player view
for HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE, as well as a lots of improvements including a special Dorico fix for HALion Sonic SE.
More details can be found in the version history!
You can download the new version of HALion 6.2.10 and HALion Sonic 3.2.10 via Steinberg Download Assistant.

HALion Sonic SE can be downloaded from our support page:

Version History

Hello, Frank,

thank you so much for the new HALion update and also for the announcement! However, on my system (Windows 10 x64, nVidia GTX 950) there is something wrong with the library icons in HALion 6.2.10. Now my library selection window looks like this:

As you can see, most icons are completely invisible and the few visible ones became oddly scaled. I have tested all flavours of HALion (standalone, plugin, VST2 and VST3 version) and this UI glitch is always there. I suspect that the recent HiDPI related changes are responsible for this problem. Can I do anything to overcome it?

I should mention that I do not have a HiDPI monitor.

Best regards


All of my personal content is gone from the library after the update. Now only the default libraries are shown.

I sort of figured it out. It’s looking to a file location I was using way back in the H4 days. Is there some kind of preference or configuration migration being done by the installer? I’m basically having to repoint every single library.

I had some “duplicates” like this also. I do think that through the iterations of Halion, the libraries were getting installed in different locations. I had some in the user\appdata folder and some in the program data\Steinberg\vstsound folder.
I used the library manager to move ALL the libraries to the program data folder because that is where the newest installer was putting them. It has not been causing problems.

Should I need to install the 30 GB content? or it’s the same as previous version?

These are my libraries, not the stock ones. So far I can’t delete the wrong entries. Probably because it can’t find that location.

With the HALion_6.1.15 update Steinerg provided an Application Only Installer, without the large Content. Could you please do the same for the 6.2 update?

According to the installation guide you don’t need to download the content if you’re updating from Halion 6.1.15.

Are you assuming this, by reason of it not being explicitly mentioned under ‘Update HALion from HALion 6.1.5’…?

Here’s what I see:-

Update HALion from HALion 6.1.15:
• Download and open the HALion 6 – 6.2.10 (or higher)
<— this is the latest app update
Update HALion from HALion 6.1 (or lower):
• Download and open the HALion 6 – 6.2.10 (or higher)
• Download and open the Content Update from HALion 6.0.x - 6.1
<— listed in the SDA as a 292 MB download

No mention anywhere specifically about ‘Content HALion 6.2’ - which is what is listed in the SDA as a 30 GB download. What’s it got, do I need it, does it update existing content, etc, etc…

I’m wondering the same thing. Anyone know?

Dear all,

With HALion 6.2 and HALion Sonic 3.2 the deliverables are splitted into application installer and VSTsound content.
VSTsound content will be installed by double click on any VSTsound file in a folder OR click open in Steinberg Download Manager
after download has finished.

  1. If you already have HALion 6.1.15 or HALion Sonic 3.1.15 installed you only need to download and install HALion 6 - 6.2.10 or
    HALion Sonic 3 - 3.2.10. Both are application installers.

  2. Content HALion 6.2 and Content HALion Sonic 3.2 is the factory library of the instruments.
    You need it for a fresh installation only. We have also renamend the entries in the SDA:
    Content HALion 6, Content HALion Soinic 3. Hope this is more clear.

  3. Content Update from HALion 6.0.x - 6.1 is for installation lower than HALion 6.1.15 or HALion Sonic 3.1.15
    Please install HALion 6.2.10 / HALion Sonic 3 -3.2.10 first. After download the Content Update click on “open” or
    double click on any VSTsound file in the download location.

  4. Please read also the Installation Guide. It always contains important information.


Ok…! Excellent, that’s quite clear now - thank you @Frank Seidel (and HALion team.!)

does halion now work with cubase 10?


nice one!!!

Now I only wait because of cubase own bugs for the first maintenance update :slight_smile:))

Installed the update yesterday and now HS3 standalone wont open and my daw crashes when trying to load vst. Even the library manager wont open. :imp:

Where do I find which version I have installed? The Get Info on my Mac tells me it’s HALion 6, version How do I map that to a 6.x.x version?

I think that is the Standalone version number. Open the program and click on the “Steinberg” symbol and select “About” it should show you the base version and the standalone version there at the bottom.

Can’t import .HSB or .FXP still Sigh “Files not supported”