HALion 6.3 and HALion Sonic (SE) 3.3 maintenance update available now

The latest maintenance update for HALion 6.3 and HALion Sonic (SE) 3.3 has a lot in store for you! Our major improvement is the new pitch analysis for the wavetable editor and the sample editor. You can access the Pitch analysis also via scripting for samples. This makes it much more easier to edit large amounts of samples with scripting or to write scripts which make use of the pitch analysis in a more creative way.

Overall, the update includes four new scripting features that creators of HALion instruments will embrace. Not to forget, more improvements and fixes – all told we counted 24!

For the download of the update and the version history, please open your Steinberg Download Assistant.

Everything scripting related for the new pitch analysis can be found here:

Analyze pitch

Cancel pitch analysis

Get pitch

Get pitch analysis progress

Hi Florian,

Seems to be a serious bug with the quick controls assigned to the filter (cutoff, etc…) with the latest update. It might not happen on older instruments, but I was making new instruments in Halion 6 with the latest update and any quick control assigned to the filter cutoff, resonance or distortion works fine in Halion 6, but when you export that preset as a Halion Sonic SE layer preset and then open it in Halion Sonic SE the quick control for the filter, etc…does not function. Going back to the previous version fixes the problem only if the preset is exported in the previous version of Halion 6.

Halion 6.3 - The earlier versions stated Library Missing - Ignore. But next start the same happened. Now in Halion 6.3 this message does not come.
I am quite happy about the fix!

Anyway it installed like a charm without problems…

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

MediaBay Fixed: Sometimes MediaBay attributes could not be removed.

Hi dlpmusic,

did you update HALion Sonic SE to version 3.3? This is a separate download in Steinberg’s download assistant.

Please check if all versions match x.3.

Kind regards,


Yes of course both were updated on multiple systems in our studio. There is absolutely an issue with the quick controls for the filter section.

I tried to private message you but it did not work…

Here is the link to the files…


The 6.3 Layer file was made with Halion 6 version 6.3…you will see when you load that layer into Halion Sonic SE 3.3 the quick controls will not work for the filter section. That patch also will not work in Halion Sonic SE 3.2.20.

The same file exported with Halion 6 version 6.2.20 works fine when loaded into Halion Sonic SE 3.2.20

Hi dlpmusic,

thanks for sending the files. This was really helpful.

I can confirm the bug you reported. I made this bug high priority and it will get fixed it in the next update, of course. However, we will need some time to clearify when this will be.

There are two workarounds:

1.) Rollback to Version 6.2.20. This should be the safest option.

2.) If you are working on an instrument for HALion Sonic SE, you can do the final sound design in HALion Sonic which allows for assigning QCs. If you assign the QCs in HALion Sonic they should not get lost. The library creator converts the HALion Sonic presets to SE presets when you build the vstsound.

Sorry, for the inconvenience this has caused you. I’ll definitely keep you posted in this forum.

Kind regards,


Hi all,

unfortunately there is an unexpected behaviour in HALion 6.3 / HALion Sonic 3.3 with using and assigning quick controls.
We are already investigating this. It will be fixed with the next version.

If you need quick control assignment for your work, you can rollback to Version 6.2.20/3.2.20.
Please download from here:


Sorry again for the inconvenience.

Best regards

Thank you to you and Frank for jumping on this right away. Fantastic instrument that keeps getting better. I also appreciate how fast you address matters like these…again very much appreciated.

AU validation of HALion 6.3 fails in Logic 10.4.5 - the AU tool crashes and projects with HALion involved will not open anymore. Standalone works alright. I’m rolling back…

I finally got it to work after forcing AU validation for about six times, then I had to restart Logic and H6 appeared in the plug-in list.

When I click on the links above, my browser gives me a ‘security risk’ warning message, blocks the site, and the only option is to go back.

Something related to a certificate expiration, I guess.

Would it not be common sense to put the exact number of these updates somewhere on your download sitr? It would seem to me courteous and common sense to do so. I cant find the version number of the latest update either here in this thread or on the download page. This means that I and others having no idea of what the latest version is, download unecessarily wasting time and server bandwitdh