Halion 6,3, SE Note dropping

Does anyone know why when playing Halion instruments that notes are dropping when playing the piano a pad and especially when playing chords etc this happens in all three of the Halion plugins? If you have a remedy please let me know as it is frustrating. Thanks.

Depending on which instruments and/or presets you are using, you might be hitting max polyphony limit. It’s set to 128 by default. Try to increase this to see if it helps.

I have put the main Poly in SE to max 128 I select Gentleman Piano only play 2 notes at the same time whether it be an octave apart or just 2 notes ie C and E they sound together the first time then they alternate or become very random when sounding out it seems to struggle when playing fast as well. Gentleman is just one I’ve picked out in this reply but it does this with all the pianos or pads etc. I have a 32gb ram, i7 Windows 10 up-to-date computer this shouldn’t be happening…any other ideas as to why this could be happening? Cheers.