Halion 6.3 Standalone no multichanel [solved]

Halion 6.30 update in standalone app is changing multichanell inputs to only chanell 1.

Yes - exactly!
Anyone else having this problem?
It’s a rather big problem for me, because I use HS for live performance - so now I can only play with one sound in every song.
Can we expect a fix soon?

Open the Standalone Preferences and click on the “MIDI” tab. Remove the checkmark from “Enable MPE” and multichannel should work again as expected.
enable MPE.png
best regards
Gerrit Junge

I moved back to halion 6.2 and this resolved midi channel issue in standalone. The link for 6.2 was provided on another forum regarding bug issues with 6.3. Mpe changes did not resolve issue for me only a rollback. I fortunately had a backup system to test on. The 6.2 link is below hope this helps as Halion is a great sampling synth tool and bugs happen in such a musical pioneering instrument.


Another link for rollback to 6.2 on a Windows system is set out below. Haven’t tested this one but the Mac one works fine. Remember to uninstall first. On a Mac you need trash the app in applications folder halion 6.3 and halionsonic.


Disabling MPE works for me.

However, is this a bug or are MPE and multichannel not to be supposed to work together?