Halion 6/7 issue: Host Automation Resets changing presets!

I would love to contact support on this as I feel it is a technical issue, but even tho I have licenses I have no access from my account for support??? Please advise how I can post a support ticket.

The issue I face is when I want to setup a control template for a hardware controller accessing parameters using “Host Automation” some instruments lose any mappings done when you change presets, making usage impossible.

Example: The instrument Dark Planet

Using in Komplete Kontrol, Maschine or Ableton Live if I want to use a hardware controller to access the instruments parameters I right-click a control, select “Host Automation” and I can now learn this and it works. Great.

I then change presets within the same instrument and all host automation I have just mapped is now lost and has to be done again and this is the same for every preset.

I use other types of “multi-instrument” plugins such as UVI and Analog Lab, neither have thgis issue when using presets within the same instrument type and “some” of the Halion instruments appear to work, just many suffer this problem.

Hope there is a solution to this or it makes these instruments basically unusable