HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3

That’s right David, i was saying rubish!.
My apologize, i was’nt thinking!.
I now realize i cant keep my Halion 5 license, if
i buy Halion 6!.
After so much negative things about Halion 6,
i dont think i will buy Halion 6!.


Any news about Win 7 support for HAL 6?

I also look forward to hearing about Win 7…

Me too

Hello Mathias. I would like to upgrade from S2 to S3. However will the automations i have for S2 be erased in the upgrade? since i am in the middle of mixing a large project using S2

HS2 and HS3 share the same plug-in ID and are full project compatible. So no worries. Are you in Cubase?

Hi Matthias - if I did upgrade, will this so called H5 ‘add-on’ license (for my separate 32bit machine), cover HS2 as well…? My point is, seems I have a single license on the USB e-Licenser, that allows the running of both H5 and HS2. I’d want to continue to keep both of these active please.

Thanks in anticipation,

Yes, the H5 add-on includes HS2 as well.

Terrific - just what I wanted to read…! :smiley:

Thanks - and double-thanks for the speedy response :sunglasses:

I have Cubase 9 and Halion 5!
I purchased the update to sonic 3 from sonic2.
In Cubase 9 there is Sonik 2, but when I try to install update ti says me what I haven’t license …
What I need to do?
Bye Sonic 2?
Update to Halion 6?
How I can use my update?
Thank You for help!

If you have HALion 5 you should go for the Update from HALion 5 to HALion 6.

In Cubase there is only HALion Sonic SE which does not qualify for the update. But HALion 6 also includes HALion Sonic 3. So, the HALion 6 update should be your choice. Please get in touch with the support to cancel your order and get a new license.

if upgrade from halion 5 to Halion 6 i can’t use H5 anymore? (although i saw a separate licence can obtained by support)
what about project uses H5 and HS2 ? will H6 and HS3 replace it with exact sounds and settings ?(factory and user presets)

im on laptop so HD space is important, will the 30GB library will be added separately or will be the SUM of H5+H6 ?

Yes, H6 does not cover H5. Please get in touch with the support team via MySteinberg to get a H5 add-on license.

Yes, H6 is fully project compatible. But please keep in mind that H6 is 64-Bit only.

Yes, 30Gb in total. But you will need more space (about 90GB) during the installation.

Any news on the trial version? I’ll buy the upgrade soon, but I would like to be able to use it in the meanwhile.

I have am currently working on a school final project using Halion 5, and my trial version expired when Halion 6 kicked in. I am not able to complete my project. I contacted support to request a Halion 5 license, as per instructions by Josh Matlock. I know you have a Holiday on Monday, and I was wondering if there was any way to fast track my request for a license, so that I may continue to work on my final project. :exclamation: :question: :astonished:

What about Halion Sonic 3 Sierra compatibility? and validation AU for Logic and Mainstage?

Sigh… once again Steinberg are the only audio developer that stay on the bleeding edge of OS requirements.

I would love to upgrade from Absolute 2 to 3, just for the AAX of Halion Sonic 3 (as Pro tools is now my DAW).

That’s because halion sonic is my favourite rompler of all time.

But it seems yosemite (osx 10.10) support has been dropped.

Can someone confirm if it works or doesn’t?

I have no desire to rock the boat on a working system…

Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3 should work on any system that could run Halion 5 and HS2, but there could be a few issues in unsupported OSes that Steinberg might not be able to help you with.

In your case, I would recommend you to try the trial version for at least 1 week just to make sure that it’s decently usable.

I tried to download Halion Sonic SE 3 free. After filling in the email and password I got the message: "HALion Sonic SE 3 requested!
You’ll receive the HALion Sonic SE 3 download link via email now. "
I waited all day but did not receive any activation code by email (licinek@gmail.com). Where is the problem?
Thank you

I downloaded and installed HAlion Sonic SE 3 from the Steinberg website. It is supposedly “free”. Per the Steinberg website instructions I follow and use the link labeled: “You’re almost done. Check your email account (also the spam folder) now. Look for an email from Steinberg with an activation code and a download link. Follow the instructions to get started.”


The website says it is emailing me an activation code but I never received any email. I also checked my spam folder. Nothing.
I am able to receive other email from Steinberg (as registering on this forum).

Has anybody had this same problem?
I am thinking that HAlion Sonic SE 3 is no longer available.

thank you