HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3

I don’t come here often, but i see
on other user’s post in this forum has remarks
like “has thanked 51 times”.
How do i do that?.

Allso after Steinberg did a maintenance of
the forum, my password for my old login is
I joined the Steinberg forums in 2010!
I don’t know if you don’t “thank you” other forum
user will cause my user profile to show
“New member” ?.
Anyway, it really dosent matter!.

See the little thumbs-up sign on other peoples’ posts? Click on that to thank them.

Unfortunately, you can not thank yourself :smiley:

There is so much going on with H6, I’m afraid I would not have time to make a song anymore!

Found it!


Not? Ok then i gonna kiss my self. :smiley:

What about the Halion 6 price ?.
Is it 99 euro include tax ?.

Found a PDF with a Halion 6 review with pricing for Halion 6, Halion Sonic 3, Absolute 3 full as well as all update variants. I have included the link. I dont know if this is anything official or just speculation, but it looks like it could reflect actual price policies.

Here is the link: https://www.audioedit.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Review-Guide-2017-01-19-HALion-6-HALion-Sonic-3-Absolute-3-EN.pdf

According to this review, prices are as follows (with more pricings in the PDF):

Halio 6 Full € 349
Update from Halion 5 > € 99.99
Update from Halion 4 > € 199

Halion Sonic 3 SE (according to Matthias: FREE).
Halion Sonic 3 Full € 249
Update from HS2 > € 99.99
Update from HS1 > € 199

Abolute 3 Full € 499
Update from A2 > € 99.99
Update from A1 > € 299

I am just quoting the document here, so dont hold me accountable. As long as Steinberg does not officially post prices on their website, any pricing infromation is speculative in nature.

@Matthias: Thank you for your answer. Good news that Steinberg is offering a free version of Halion Sonic, so that anyone can play the instruments. For future releases of Cubase, maybe Steinberg can migrate the Macro Interface Designer part of Halion 6 and make it available for the External MIDI VST Designer in Cubase.



…and scripting as well? :smiley:

Yes, that is our official Review Guide that we sent out with the press release. It’s not a document for the customer communication though…

You can find all the official prices in the Pre-Sales area of this forum.

Is Halion 6 will work without any problems on Windows 7 ?


HALion has only been tested on Windows 10 and Windows 8 64-bit systems. Windows 7 is not officially supported in this release.

That is bad news. I can not buy it now.

When do you expect W7 to be officially supported?

Does H6 work at all with W7 at the moment?

Unfortunately W7 will never be supported by HALion 6.

if it works on win10, it should work on win 7 -
it is not supported because it probably was not officially tested on w7…

win7 is still better than win10… :stuck_out_tongue:

You don’t want my money?

I’m certainly not going to change operating system (with all of the potential driver issues that might occur) just for one VST !

It is not as if I’m using XP or something - Windows-7 is probably still the most widely used OS on PC’s in the audio market.

Based on what?

based on an ancient revelation which was hidden in a holo-crystal found on the moon… or so Ive heard…

So based on a lot of nonsense.

do your own research if you want facts… im not gonna hold a presentation for you… sry…

:slight_smile: i just bought a refurbished x220 to run on Steinberg only and indeed Halion 6. Combine it with voicemeeter in windows and this thing is going to be really fun. :slight_smile: I also hope the Halion-installer will run on win 7 too because this thing is win 7. But when I look at the dorico part of the forum i expect it is going to work fine if you have the 4.6.2 .NET update in your win7, but ok, no official support.

kind regards,

I must add that if H6 does not work with Windows-7 Steinberg will be missing out on a lot of income.