HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3

seems only be a problem at your side
I´ve heard from more other users and can confirm from my side as well: full 48-50Mbit speed the whole download-time!

so don´t blame Steinberg, blame your telecomunication-partner

Using the download assistant (without aria2), I downloaded it in 1-2 hours.
The SB server could be really busy now though…

I find it really frustrating that something as basic as Win7 support isn’t standard, considering it’s still so widely used. I was going to buy Halion 6 this evening but this has put me off. Stupid on the part of Steinberg and they’ve created an issue when there really shouldn’t have been one!!

Has anyone installed on windows 7? I do not know whether to buy the upgrade…

yep, and it is working

To roel.

Could you please give some more details
about you win7!.

Servicepack 2?!.

Allso, if you have time, could you please
try out wavetable, sampling, sound editting,
just a tiny bit, just to see if Halion 6 work
properly under windows 7!.

Does anyone in this forum, have time to
try Halion 6 with windows 7 64bit ?.
Please give feedback on Halion 6 / win7!.

It would be very stressfull to buy Halion 6,
to find out after Halion 6 dosent work with

I just want to be 100% secure, that Halion
6 does actually work with win7.

I have a day off today to play with Halion. :smiley:
But that manual is 550+ pages so it is going to take some time to byte trough all of it.

As far as functionality matters: Yes, the entire peace of software is working in Win 7 it seems at first sight . The only thing i encountered, which is not something essential, is that UAC in Win 7 with restricted (guest) accounts seems to have trouble to recognize the new Halion 6 content. Software is fine, but still to premature to define it as an issue. I will check it further today.

kind regards,

You dont litterly have to go through every thing, just try cover most in general most
important aspect of Halion 6, or maybe just a bit.
Halion 6 properly works perfect in admin mode, i think ?.
Please dont push you self to hard, we dont want you to crawl on the floor,
After trying every bit of Halion 6 :laughing:

Why dosen’t Steiny comes forward with a clear message saying “yes, Halion 6, actually works with win7”.

Thanks roel

I have asked that question of Steinberg but, so far, no response.

Because it doesn’t work for everyone.

No problem,
Just finished my breakfast, now i’m going to light up the fireplace, and then enjoy my day off with a working halion (in win 7) :slight_smile:
life can be good sometimes

kind regards,

That very anoying, that Steinberg dosen’t come
straightforward with a clear message.
But it really dosent matter, i mean, i could
buy Halion 6 now or later, then flash my bios
for the sake of compatible of win10!.
Later on i could buy win10 pro oem!.

Only time can tell if Halion 6 is compatible
with win7 pro!.

We will have a look at it and then decide in the next week if W7 will be supported or not. HALion 6 has not been tested on Windows 7 systems yet. That is the official statement.

Unofficially, if you have all the latest updates for Windows 7 installed, the chances are high that HALion 6 will run perfectly fine on your system. But, for now, I cannot recommend to use HALion 6 on W7 since it hasn’t been tested.

Thank you very much Matthias for the answer.

Thank for that Matthias - it probably explains why it doesn’t work for me as I have switched all updates off. I’m running W7-64bit with SP1 (no updates). What specific update files are required from microsoft? - I don’t want to up date everything.

The critical issue might be the Direct2D update. So you should properly try this one:


Thanks Matthias - I’ll try it now.

Really hope this support continues :smiley:

To marshallsplace.

Maybe you should considering installing Servicepack 2 for Windows 7!.

I look forward to hear how it goes with installing Direct2D update on your computer!.

It works :slight_smile:

Totally thanks for the W7-64bit support! :smiley: