HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3


You can use the sends in Cubase 9 to route stereo audio to HALion. Just like Retrologue 2 in Cubase 9. In the standalone mode you can just use any input from your soundcard.

Very excited to hear about HALion 6 and Sonic 3. I particularly love the Flexphrase feature which I think is a brilliant tool and I was wondering whether there are any updates and improvements to this area in the new version. Very much looking forward to seeing the new products.

Besides the new instrument sets (Grand Pianos / Brass / Strings / Anima / Skylab), are there any other small instruments that are combined in some sort of factory content?

There will be two new features in the user mode of the flexphraser:

  • There will be a third controller curve available in the arpeggiator
  • There will be a additional Velocity Modes that allow external controllers to generate or modulate the velocity of the notes

No, there will only be new presets for the new libraries and for the new Combi Library that makes use of the layer structure in HALion and HALion Sonic to combine different instruments.

Me to mate.

Halion is the best sampler on the market.
With audio warp en now direct audio recording.
I almost can’t wait to use Halion 6.

Hi Matthias!

Halion 6 looks very promising. I do have a question relating to the Macro Page Designer and the Library Creator. I was quite excited at first, but I think I got ahead of myself there a bit:

After you create a UI with the Macro Page Designer for, lets say a sampled instrument, you then use the Library Creator to export it in some way or form. Its not quite clear to me if the Library Creator creates a library item / Instrument only for use in Halion Sonic 3 / Halion 6 (closed system) or actually creates a stand-alone VST2/3 Instrument for use in other applications that support VSTs.

Can you create standalone VSTs with Halion 6?


The Library Creator exports a monolithic VST Sound file that contains samples, presets, scripts and the macro page.
These VST Sound archives can then be loaded in (or better registered to) any other HALion 6 system. If you build your macro pages with the right dimensions, you will be also be able to create instrument libraries that can be loaded in HALion Sonic 3 and HALion Sonic SE 3. HALion Sonic SE 3 will be available for download free of charge on the Steinberg website. To answer you questions: You will be able create a HALion library that can be used in HALion 6, HALion Sonic 3 and HALion Sonic SE 3, but since HALion Sonic SE 3 is free, it can be loaded as a plug-in in any VST, AU and AAX host, and there will be a standalone version, it is not really a closed system.

I own Halion 5.

What about the Halion 6 price ?.

Is it 99 euro include tax ?.

Eu tax ??, i live in Denmark, i hope
when Halion comes out, the Halion 6
page will show exactly price include tax,
EU tax, etc!..

…which is great, because it will change the industry forever.

In the past there was no solution to sell or give away for free sample libraries without relatively high software requirements on the side of the receiver (DAW + the right sampler software), this will make using Halion for ones content a no-brainer, because everyone can simply get Halion SE 3 and then use the library at hand.

Makes me even more perplexed over NIs decision not to have an “export to VST”-button in Reaktor (which is the most important reason I don’t use it as much as I would like - it feels somewhat pointless not to be able to hand out what I have made to everyone and his brother).

Its the same prize as a upgrade from 4 to 5.
So 99 euro’s

It’s not that simple.

EU commision has desided to put VAT
on all electronic download, that could
be between, i don’t know, maybe

I don’t know if these VAT rules only apply
if you buy digital download product outside EU country!.

Matthias Quellmann could properly answer
these questions much better, i hope.

Hope this helps

Thank you Kimbo72
Thank you John.

£80, that’s cheap!.

I paid a fortune for Halion 4, (which i upgradet
for free to Halion 5 with Grace period!).

I don’t come here often, but i see
on other user’s post in this forum has remarks
like “has thanked 51 times”.
How do i do that?.

Allso after Steinberg did a maintenance of
the forum, my password for my old login is
I joined the Steinberg forums in 2010!
I don’t know if you don’t “thank you” other forum
user will cause my user profile to show
“New member” ?.
Anyway, it really dosent matter!.

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There is so much going on with H6, I’m afraid I would not have time to make a song anymore!

Found it!


Not? Ok then i gonna kiss my self. :smiley:

What about the Halion 6 price ?.
Is it 99 euro include tax ?.

Found a PDF with a Halion 6 review with pricing for Halion 6, Halion Sonic 3, Absolute 3 full as well as all update variants. I have included the link. I dont know if this is anything official or just speculation, but it looks like it could reflect actual price policies.

Here is the link: https://www.audioedit.it/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/Review-Guide-2017-01-19-HALion-6-HALion-Sonic-3-Absolute-3-EN.pdf

According to this review, prices are as follows (with more pricings in the PDF):

Halio 6 Full € 349
Update from Halion 5 > € 99.99
Update from Halion 4 > € 199

Halion Sonic 3 SE (according to Matthias: FREE).
Halion Sonic 3 Full € 249
Update from HS2 > € 99.99
Update from HS1 > € 199

Abolute 3 Full € 499
Update from A2 > € 99.99
Update from A1 > € 299

I am just quoting the document here, so dont hold me accountable. As long as Steinberg does not officially post prices on their website, any pricing infromation is speculative in nature.

@Matthias: Thank you for your answer. Good news that Steinberg is offering a free version of Halion Sonic, so that anyone can play the instruments. For future releases of Cubase, maybe Steinberg can migrate the Macro Interface Designer part of Halion 6 and make it available for the External MIDI VST Designer in Cubase.