HALion 6 and HALion Sonic 3

Thank you very much Matthias for the answer.

Thank for that Matthias - it probably explains why it doesn’t work for me as I have switched all updates off. I’m running W7-64bit with SP1 (no updates). What specific update files are required from microsoft? - I don’t want to up date everything.

The critical issue might be the Direct2D update. So you should properly try this one:


Thanks Matthias - I’ll try it now.

Really hope this support continues :smiley:

To marshallsplace.

Maybe you should considering installing Servicepack 2 for Windows 7!.

I look forward to hear how it goes with installing Direct2D update on your computer!.

It works :slight_smile:

Totally thanks for the W7-64bit support! :smiley:

To marshallsplace.

To everyone:

I can’t try out the trial of Halion 6, set if
i mess up my Steinberg usb Elicenser which
contains Halion 5 full license, i am afraid
to install just a trial license demo on
my usb Elicenser.

I’m gonna buy my Halion 6 upgrade in Marts!.

In meantime, i will follow Steinberg response etc,
about win7 / Halion 6 over the next couple of weeks!.

Hi Matthias, by ‘latest updates’ do you mean W7 Service Pack 2 ?

For some unknown reason I have in my mind that I need to stay on Service Pack 1 in order to keep my system running properly.

Hi fenderchris

I didn’t install SP2 just the direct2d bit as above.

or use this:

Thanks. I already have that installed so I guess I’m good to go.

I dont know if servicepack 2 is required,
or if servicepack 2 contains direct2d.

servicepack 2 is not needed.
Mine works without it and everything in Halion works fine
but i did install all the updates offered by windows update
servicepack 2 was not included in the install, and still the OS says everything is up te date, so you probably do not need service"pack" 2

kind regards,

yep - Win7 64bit SP1 with direct2d added works - no need for SP2

nice to be back makin’ music with some new tools :smiley:

Win 7 has a larger user base than Win 8 and Win 10 combined. From a business standpoint to not support Win 7 would be a huge mistake. I really hope they change their minds on this one.

Ok. So I’m waiting for test programs from Windows 7 :slight_smile:

Thanks Matthias

The 2d update worked for me, I now have the delights of Halion 6 on my WIN 7 working!

I’ve been working with HAlion 6 the last few days, having upgraded from Absolute 2 to 3. With all due respect, a few observations and suggestions: HALion works well, and have quickly been inspired to improv a number of new pieces quite easily. Much fun, very nice on this custom Mac Pro 5,1 & Mac OS Sierra.

I note there is much discussion elsewhere on this forum about downloads and library location issues, but as far as I see, that discussion appears exclusively related to Windows users. Here I also run Win 10 with parallel installs, but not as much recently given that Win generally takes much more time & re-boots vs. Mac OS.

Re. the library location issues. I run all of my sample libraries from a dedicated 2GB SSD (Spectrasonics, AIR, Steinberg, Avid, Ableton Live, Native Instruments etc). The Steinberg installer seems very good: download the installer application, choose the app (say HALion) and download to a drive. Run the installer & choose ‘custom’ to point the library location to the correct folder on the SSD. Fine. However, the confounding issues I find with all Steinberg installers (Absolute 3, Cubase Pro 9, Nuendo 7) are this:

It is very vague as to if libraries need to be replaced /updated and what goes where, when. One is somewhat left to guesswork. In the case of similar installation updates from some other manufacturers, once the first installation has been done and the file path set, this is remembered via preferences and subsequent installers can act intelligently, accordingly (NI, for example).

Would be very useful if Steinberg installers explicitly followed the same approach - maybe some do in a roundabout way, but it is never really made known to the user. We really shouldn’t haven’t to be installing the same base libraries over and over, just to ‘be safe’. At the very least, I suggest Steinberg provide some basic installation documentation with each installer to make this clear. For example:

In the case of my Absolute 2 to 3 update, it is not made clear in the installer as to exactly which components are required to be downloaded and installed, and in particular, which libraries need to be updated. As it happens, I took a guess based on some forum comments and only downloaded HAlion 6, then installed /updated its libraries. That would seem to be all that was required – all seems to work fine & the new library manager is a welcome addition which seems to confirm this. Again: would be useful for Steinberg to be specific about this in the documentation. It would seem that Absolute 3 only provides a new HALion, and that is all that is required (vs downloading gigabytes of Absolute 3 VI installers, installing them and wrestling with libraries for ages).

Otherwise, a couple of other observations & suggestions:

  1. Very odd that HALion does not have (say) an iPad app for use with the Sphere and other controllers (just like Spectrasonic’s Omnisphere). HALion has so much control potential, but presently remains confined to mouse clicking or manual setup with external controller(s).

  2. Eternal control. I’m using an Akai Advance 61, also Ableton Push, and other colleagues similar with various Akais, Novations, NI etc. The Advance did set up well with HALion for controlling macros etc, but in all was a manual process with much trail and error, and often on a per patch basis. I suggest that a number of external controller profiles be made available in the HALion setup prefs, or perhaps as per the Cubase /Nuendo CP where at least this only needs to be learned & configured once as a MIDI controller.

Would also be nice to see VST3 support in the Akai VIP and/or NI Complete Kontrol, but that’s another story …

Loving HALion 6, a solid contribution to my musical instrument collection.

To profdraper:

Very good observation.

Ipad app for Halion!, great idea.


. Re. the library location issues. I run all of my sample libraries from a dedicated 2GB SSD (Spectrasonics, AIR, Steinberg, Avid, Ableton Live, Native Instruments etc).

Don’t you mean 2TB SSD ?, 2GB is really small size!.

To everyone:

About Halion 6 license, would’nt it be
better to actually have an exstra Usb elicenser
for Halion 6, and other software Steinberg programs,
like Halion 5, Cubase on a complety different
usb elicenser ?!.

This way, Halion 6, can never overwrite
old Halion 5 license, if you going the usb elicense

I mean, i prefer usb elicense way of storing
all my license’s!.

Can’t see how that bit about putting the Halion 5 licence on a separate USB can work as I believe it authenticates the upgrade via the existing licence, or can you get round that by installing the soft licence first, then moving that?


That’s right David, i was saying rubish!.
My apologize, i was’nt thinking!.
I now realize i cant keep my Halion 5 license, if
i buy Halion 6!.
After so much negative things about Halion 6,
i dont think i will buy Halion 6!.