Halion 6 and Hypersonic license question

Hi, I run cubase 9.5 on main machine and elements on laptop. I have halion 6 and Hypersonic on my main machine and wondered if it would make sense to move the hypersonic license to soft license (if possible)on laptop as I think if you have Halion 6 you have same sound available?

any thoughts?

If I remember correctly, the license for Hypersonic was stored on a Steinberg USB eLicenser. If so, you will not be able to move the license from the USB dongle to a soft eLicense.

I suppose you could purchase a separate USB dongle and move the license to that. Then you could use Hypersonic on either computer by moving the dongle.

Regards :sunglasses:

Yes I think you are correct. I could purchase another dongle and move a few other steinberg plugins to use on laptop.