HALION 6 as effect-dll for sampling

Today I had the idea to sample a sound of my hardware synthsizer by programming a midi track with all notes to be sampled as a sequence, that I can send to my hardware synth. Then I added a track with an audio input in the daw to record the audio into Halion. But there is no way to use a Halion Input, because Halion is a VST-Instrument within the DAW, that can only have a MIDI-Input but no audio input.

I have a couple of VST-Instruments (e.g. Arturia Minimoog, VB3-Organ, U-He Zebra) that can recieve audio input, because these plugins provide a dll as an instrument and another dll as an effect. These effects can be added to an audio track as an insert effect and then they can recieve audio.

Why does Halion not have an effect-dll, that can be inserted into an audio track and that could easily be used for sampling? Momentarily I can only sample by using the stand-alone version or, if I use a DAW, by importing previously recorded audio files into Halion as VST-I. The sample recorder is fantastic. I wish, I could feed it with audio, that is triggered by a MIDI track.

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