halion 6 buying issue

hi, i don’t know if this is the right place to ask. last week i bought halion 6 to benefit from the 60% black friday sale. the thing is i made a mistake and bought an upgrade instead of the full version. now i’m trying to correct the situation with asknet.com, but after more then 2 days, i’ve heard nothing of them. i did get the acknowledgment email, they received my request. the sale will be over tommorow.

is there another place to ask for sales related issues?

Since this forum room is dedicated to Cubase and not to HALion, I believe your question is more appropriate in this room
VST Instruments:::/Halion-Halion_Sonic/Halion_6-Halion_Sonic_3/Presales

my question is not specific about halion, it is about steinberg after sale service in general. i’ve tried to log in to asknet to do a follow up on my ticket, they say my email is already being used, and the password reset doesn’t work. so what are my options?

Hi! I am sorry to hear that! Asknet is an independent company and I cannot check their customer communication but I’ll send you a PM in a minute. Let’s try to solve this one quickly.