Halion 6 changing sample to wavetable

Hi all, any help greatly appreciated, many thanks.
At 2mins40 on this video switching sample to wavetable behaves different on my HALion 6, just brings up a blank wavetable that I can’t do anything with. Just wondering if anyone could suggest where I might be going wrong. Thanks again, Jon.

Did you create a Zone in the Programm Tree?

Hi there. A sample zone, yes. I believe simply clicking the icon should change the sample zone into a wavetable (which it does) but the sound information is lost and no wave represented (just a flat line or flat wavetable). Thanks Jon

Could it be you are just not seeing the sample display?

There’s that, but no sound also. Checked all the midi etc

Thanks, Jon

I see. It seems like a little bug to me.

I just tried to load a sample and change it to wavetable. I have to resize the editor to see the sample display and indeed there is no sound. To fix this increase the number of spectral markers. Afterwards you can set it back to 1 if needed.

Does that work for you?

Ah brilliant thats got it, thanks Misohoza