Halion 6 crash on startup mojave


I bought and installed Cubase 10 pro - crash (9 worked well). Got around this finally, but

Halion 6 crashes every time on startup…:frowning:

“Halion 6 was terminated unexpectedly” (in german)

What the hell - pro?

:blush: :blush: :blush: :blush: I have the same problem and in vst plug-in it shows in blacklist :blush:
Mac OS 10.14.1
Cubase 10 pro

Two months later, Halion 6 still crashing on startup, everything on the newest version, cannot work with this trashy software. What a pity…


Just installed newest version of Halion 6. Guess what? Still crashes on startup. Crashes every DAW. Crashes standalone. WTF?

i had the same issue. Just tried it again 9 months later after removing every file related to steinberg and same deal sell crashes. Has anyone found a resolution?

After a clean install of Majove, halion 6 crashes on startup and is listed as a blacklisted plugin in Cubase 10.0.50
Has anyone found an answer to this.

I have Halion6 in Absolute4 package and Mojave, crash every time in standalone or in any DAW,wont work at all. I have been in contact with Steinberg for many months now and they not have any solution.

I know this is an old thread on what appears to be an on-going issue, but I just wanted to add I’m having issues too…with both HALion Sonic SE 3 and Padshop Pro…both won’t even start and I’ve even tried formatting my drive and doing a full clean reinstall of Windows 7, but no joy…these programs just seem to have stopped working for some reason that’s beyond me!

I paid for the upgrade to Padshop 2, but have never even used it, which is a shame, as I was a really happy fan of the old Padshop…but looking over this forum and the amount of posts for help that haven’t even received a reply isn’t encouraging and Steinberg has lost me as a customer…not happy at all with them and there’s no way in hell I would ever recommend them or their products to anyone anymore…and they only have themselves to blame for that!

It’s such a shame to see one of the oldest and most trusted software produces reduced to this level of crap support and follow-through on faults and issues with their products!

Shame on all of you!