Halion 6 crashing (with Akai MPC software)

I use the Akai Mpc touch/Renaissance and Halion 5 never showed up as an available au/vst but halion 6 is avaiable and crashes constantly, can anyone who may have the mpc software please confirm if they are having the same problem?

I normally don’t need this since I work in a DAW most of the time. But I wanted to know if this happens on my system as well. And I’m sorry, my answer is:

Yes, absolutely! I rescanned all plugins. Hal6 shows up in plugin list. When loading it the MPC software crashes completely.

Hi Teacee,
this seems to be a general issue between HALion and the Akai MPC software. I found reports (http://www.mpc-forums.com/viewtopic.php?f=36&t=166887) about HALion 4 crashing with the Akai MPC software as well, perhaps because of the resizeable windows or the amount of MIDI /Audio In- and Outputs. I assume that the developer at Akai added a filter to prevent HALion 5 to load in the MPC software which doesn’t work for HALion 6 anymore.

However! I contacted Akai to send me a MPC with the software on loan to investigate the cause. I’m waiting for a reply!

best regards
Gerrit Junge