Halion 6 Customizable Vst Interface Objects

Is it possible to provide us with information regarding the type of files we are going to use. For exaple if i want to add the custom knob on my project instrument. And how the animation is going to work.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Custom knobs can be created in the Macro Page Designer based on PNG strips. There are tools like Knobman that can help you to create you own custom knobs.

Hi Matthias.

Just looking at Knobman you have suggested.
Can’t wait for 9th of February.

What file format is required for this to work?


How many frames are recommended?

I guess I need a virtual machine then… this nagging Java-thing which annoys with it’s permanent “please update me”-messages won’t infest my DAW OS. :laughing:

Knobman is just an option. Photoshop or any kind of design tool could also be the tool of choice if you use actions to create the strips. Knobman is just convenient since it’s like “what you see is what you get” tool. Unfortunately the developer is not very active in improving the tool.

We use bitmaps for the graphical elements. These can be bmp or png. The number of scenes depends on the size of the control. A small rotary knob will need less animation steps to turn fluidly than a big knob. I think the controls in HALion usually have 65 steps.

The choice for png also permits transparency of the stripes background.