Halion 6 download issues

I have downloaded ‘Download Assist’ and then the trial version of Halion 6. I am down loading to my ‘E’ drive and constantly get the following. Out of disk space – Volume:‘C:’;required space:21,388,192 kb;available space:5,955,756 kb. Free some disk space and retry. Now I’m assuming that this is refering to my ‘C’ drive which has very little space on it, however, I am installing it to my ‘E’ drive which has 519GB free.

I can’t help you but I can say that I had the same problem with installing Halion 6 at the weekend. I ended up having to repartition C: and D: drive to create enough space on my C: Drive to get past this error message, even although I wasn’t installing on the C: drive as my main drive.