Halion 6 Export as vstsound

In Halion 6, how do I export my patches and samples as a vstsound ?

Cant find any good information about it anywhere.

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The previous function in H5 to export the multi as a vstsound looks like to be replaced with the library creator.
When you make a library it will create the lib file, but also the vstsound(s).
The first time you do this it will be a bit tricky, but a good exaple is given here:


If anybody knows another way, please let us know.

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Those are the directions (not complete directions) of if you want to make a vstsound for HSSE.

It is much simpler if you only want to make it for Halion.

Think of it like sample libraries for kontakt player(hsse) or full version of kontakt only(halion)

If you only want to make it for Halion, its easy.
Here is the procedure:


  1. open a library creator tab in halion
  2. In the Properties section of the Library Creator, assign icons for the MediaBay and the library selector.
  3. Set the Name to XXXXXXXX.
  4. Set the Long Name to XXXXXXXX, too.
  5. Set the Family to HALion.
  6. Add the name of your company under Manufacturer.
    Optional: Add a URL to your website.
  7. Specify the location where you want the VST Sound containers to be created.
  8. In the VST Sound Archives list, set the file name of the VST Sound container to _001_XXXXXXXX. (The 001 means its lib1 - lib 2 would be 002 etc)
  9. Set the name of the library to “XXXXXXXX Samples and Presets”. (Without quotes…)
  10. Set the Version Number to 1. (This is already set to number 1 per default btw - but if it isnt, set it)
    Optional: Select a compression method and add a comment.
  11. drag all presets into the Content section.
  12. select all samples in the “unassigned” section and drag them into the “content” section
  13. click the little “play” button at the top to build your library,

Thx a lot… :slight_smile:

One final question… Can i get my own background for the macro page within the vstsound ? if yes , how ?

Hi mcpersso,

When creating a VST Sound with presets that have a macro page attached, all graphical resources that are needed for that macro page are automatically added to the VTS Sound. So this is of course also true for your background image.