Halion 6 from trial to effective?!?

Good morning and excuse my intrusion and my bad english. I’m from Italy. I need some explanations from you. I downloaded the trial version of Halion 6 and I immediately liked the product. In fact, after a few days, I bought Absolute 3 which contains both Halion6 and other products. The question is as follows. Is it possible to transform my version of halion 6 from TRIAL to effective (without time limits!) and avoid to re-download everything? In positive case what I have to do?
Many many thx for your answer that I hope very fast and I send my best regards.
Alex :wink:

Your trial version of Halion 6 automatically becomes the full version if you own a full Halion 6 or Absolute 3 license. You don’t have to redownload it.

Hi Romantique Tp and many thx for your quick reply. So, when the trial period will be end the halion 6 automatically turn on the full version? I understood right? :wink:


Many many thx. :wink: