Halion 6 Initial thoughts

Just installed the upgrade from H5 to H6 and spent 30 minutes quickly checking out some of the new synth sounds, pianos, strings, brass, world percussion and other new content. I haven’t even looked at the sample recording and macro design etc.

I’m not entirely sold on the brass content, but overall for an upgrade cost of GBP 80 pounds, I think Steinberg have done a fantastic job. Halion 6 is a huge upgrade, both in content and capability and I think at a fair price.

Well done Steinberg people :smiley:

I like it too and I hope it will attract content developers. I would like too see a really good bass guitar VST with slides, string selection, etc., like the Scarbee instruments for Kontakt.

impressive update and almost certainly vst of the year 2017
functionality is near to perfection and seems to be in working order from v1.0 (even in win 7 :slight_smile: )
i didn’t find any real issue
tons of decent new content and it looks like the guys who were making the presets have had a lot of fun too
i have been smiling often during the entire day while scrolling in the content, but it is not only dance oriented, no, in fact the content stretches over a broad sprectrum. It seems they have stepped away from making clean sounds and are including imperfections in the samples, which makes it better for usage. It’s certainly a matter of taste, but i dig it.
scripting will be something for the near future since after a full day of trial i just scratched the surface

Yes 100+, It was already a great sound design tool for me, but now it has become absolutely TOP!! Thanks steiny :wink:

HALion finally got some love…and has finally opened up to creating new instruments,yea!

All in all I love this new upgrade, though its a pity you can’t edit drum sounds.

I am thinking about a scenario where I re-sample default drum hits…