Halion 6 install perfect. No Halion Sonic SE 3 update?

My Halion 6 download / install was perfect in Cubase PRO 9. VERY impressed with the new modules.
Great job Steinberg :smiley:

Did i miss an update from Halion Sonic SE2 to SE3 ? Its not my go to sound library, but i work a lot with imported midi files which default conveniently to Halion Sonic SE as a starting point, so I might aswell get SE3 ! :stuck_out_tongue:

Normally, during HALion 6 install, HALion Sonic 3 will be installed or upgraded, as well. But, also dl and install HALion Sonic 3 and you’ll find that HS3’s content will be updated further. If you have H6, it includes HS3, too!


the new free HALion Sonic SE3 is announced to be released some time in February.

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Great !
My first instrument made in Halion 6 is being constructed, so we need something to distribute it in the near future. :slight_smile:
The designer is in fact quite easy to comprehend once you’re aware of where everyting sits in the menu-structure.
Results are as expected and it sounds fantastic, and untill now, no real issue found.
It does what it has to do without crashing.
The online video’s are for me a must and very helpfull, though there could be some more of these to be more helpfull.
Doing it solely based on a manual is a bit to theoretical imho to see the picture.