Halion 6 issue

Hi all,

I bought a 1 TB SSD for all my Cubase plugins. I moved Halion 6 from a smaller SSD to my new SSD. Problem: every time I try to load a Halion 6 voice, I get the error message, “VST Sound Library ‘VST3 Presets for voice’ not found”, where voice is the name of the voice I’m wanting to load.

I read a few other posts about this. They basically say that Halion is still scanning the old location, but the files aren’t there anymore, hence the error. Clicking Ignore doesn’t help. I uninstalled Halion 6 and reinstalled it. I’ve even set the path to the correct folder in the Plugin Manager and deleted the old path.

Any ideas? Thanks…

Did you use the Steinberg Library Manager to move the Halion Content?

No, I didn’t Steve :frowning:.

That’s the tool to use for moving libraries.

Here is what I’m up against (open the attached pic).
Halion is scanning my D:\ drive, which is the previous location. Halion now resides on my H:\ drive. It seems that if I manually perform a Locate on all red-flagged instruments, it solves the problem. Sometimes I do just one and they are all fixed.

I have to say, if there’s a way to completely stifle creativity, Steinberg has found it. I’ve done a complete search in the Halion manual and there’s nothing about solving this problem. Clearly, Cubase is not for those with a weak stomach.

Do you want some help? I don’t understand.

Hi Steve. Thanks for chiming in. I figured out the issue. Basically, when I moved Halion to another drive it kept searching in the original drive (D:). I added a few paths in the Search box for Halion to look in. Now, every time I load a new voice, it uses the search paths I added, which points Halion to the new drive (H:).

To be fair, the online Help page from Steinberg pointed me in the right direction. It seems to work now.