Halion 6 - looks like a game changer


I’m not often excited, but what is presented as the new Halion 6 makes me thrilled. It looks like they finally made “the” superpackage.
Live sampling is a real big deal and i’m glad to read that Matthias posted on the forum that this is super fun to do also because that is, user content to be made availeable to anyone,… many many people are going to love that, the unbeated resizable user interface even made better, multiple engines that go as deep as you can go, scripting, and very important to open the market, no more dongle needed for those who don’t have one and sonic SE availeable as download for everyone… standalone, … this looks like it is going to be the killer vsti for a lot of the competition.

nice job guys !
you have already sold one copy of this even before it’s released :slight_smile:

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Macro pages sound promising…

Cubase crashes everytime I spend more than 10 minutes in Halion 5 - doesn’t produce crash dumps either just the “Cubase has stopped working” message - thank the lord for Komplete - it just works. (Shame as I thing the factory sounds are better in Halion) Will I spend £80-£100 in the hope it fixes my crashes? Hmmm what’s Steinberg’s rep like with fixing outstanding issues rather than new eye candy?

Halion 5 works for me here. You can try the Halion 6 trial to see if the crashes are gone for you.

Scripting on its own is a game changer !

They seem to have done a wonderful job.

For me it is a game changer, too.

I was thinking about recreating (faithfully) old keyboards from the 80s by sampling and adding a lot of functionality, but so fare it was only possible using Kontakt.

With the custom macro page I can have proper user interfaces and with scripting (apparently) also accompainment robots with chords and all that.

Stay tuned for “Magic Tone 65”, my first Halion 6 project (which I’m already planning right now… got Notepad++ open to collect ideas and structure the user interface :smiley: ).

Regarding the strategy… I think that Halion 6 was directly intended to make Halion a player in the 3rd party library game as well.

The three most important features here (sample recording, apparently with a lot of automatic functionality), UI design and scripting are really what was needed to accomplish that.

I used Halion in the past mostly as a “rompler”, because of the very limited customization options. Now it can finally shine over the competition (which it surely will).

Looking forward!

Is there anywhere to read up on Halion 6 script?
It all looks really promising, but I would like to understand better how it works and how it compares to Kontakt…

That would be great, yes… we could learn the language beforehand and then dive right into it on February, 9th.

(Yes, I committed myself the very moment I got the mail yesterday to buying the upgrade… :laughing: )

It looks very promising indeed, the only feature missing is pre-order and 2 weeks early access :mrgreen:

I agree, it’s definitely a game changer. I think a notable portion of the improvements are geared towards 3rd party content creation. The availability of third party content is a major thing that propelled Kontakt to popularity. If you look at the new UI builder, the library manager, free Halion Sonic SE “player”, and the fact that a dongle is no longer required… this is the magic combination to bring content creators to the table.

Do you think that Halion Sonic SE will be able to run 3rd party content?

If THAT worked… wow… :astonished:

I assume that is the main reason for making HSSE free, much like the Kontakt “Player”.
It will enable content developers to make more sales which encourages development of content which increases sales and popularity of the HALion lineup.

I really think this is what’s been missing in contrast to Komplete.

This basically means that everyone with a DAW can use whatever we create… wow… :smiley:

Advanced wavetable module it’s really interesting, thanks.
(But do not forget please also make planned update for v5, for just in case, who know).

Finally record vocals direct into Halion.

This basically means that everyone with a DAW can use whatever we create… wow…

I’m really curious about this. If we can sell stuff we create in Halion and there are no license fees, etc. that would be massive and could really be a game changer forcing Native Instruments to do the same or go obsolete.

Steinberg, please two activation per license!!

I still remember the moment the mail arrived on my phone. “Halion 6”.

Do you know how it feels when everything around you “zooms out” and all you do is like hyperfocussing on this one item… and then there was “custom macro pages” and “scripting”… everything I wished for… :mrgreen:

This was one of my rare “shut up and take my money” moments. I don’t often have those. But for Halion 6 I already have built a “baby room” in my “house”, figuratively speaking.

There is a countdown timer on my smartphone now (app). Until February, 9th, 15:00 CET (which is when I expect to be able to buy the upgrade).


There will be no license fees for the usage of the HALion platform for your custom libraries. Of course, you are not allowed to use any of the samples or presets of the HALion factory content and you have to avoid any copyright infringements of any kind (logos, trademarks…).

Nice, thanks Matthias.