Halion 6 - looks like a game changer


would be great to have BOTH [ usb-elicense and + soft-elicense ]

This is almost worth the price of admission alone imo… but i don’t know yet.

I’d like to hear some convincing guitar and organs, and perhaps a new piano option. I’d get it then.


Just checked out the site. Eagle Grand and Raven Grand. I’ll have to check these out when I get back to my studio.

Hot Brass. Interesting name haha

Suprised to see another granular. I out grew Padshop really fast.

This is definitely one of Steinbergs best releases. I am very impressed.

Anyone knows when the trial will be available please ?

The trial will be available some time next month, can´t remember when!


got win7 64bit, bought HS3 upgrade from HS2,
installation and activation went fine,
when I try to open HS3, cubase it crashes every time.
Anyone any clue?
On kvr they say steinberg will do update for win7.
Is that right? Anyone any clue?
Kind Regards