Halion 6 Media Bay to update when selecting different slot racks

Please implement the Halion 6 Media Bay updating to the location of the loaded sound in the Slot Racks.
This would be a HUGE time saver and bring Halion into line with most other multi channel VST’s.
Under the hood, each slot just needs an extra xml pointer parameter to the Media Bay saved with the slot every time a sound is loaded.

For example.
Slot 1 has a Piano - when i click Slot 1, the Media bay should return to the location where the piano was selected from.
Slot 2 has Strings from Studio Strings - click slot 2 and the Media bay should return to the location where the strings were found.

If i load up other slots, and want to go back and change the piano, i need to re-navigate pack to the piano’s, and so on for the other slots, takes up extra time and mouse clicks compared to other multi channel VST’s which already have this feature built in.

This is possible already when you open the Mediabay via the dedicated slot (see attachment). With the global mediabay there is no interaction with a selected slot.

best regards
Gerrit Junge