HALion 6, New Install - Where's the Content?

I just purchased and installed HALion 6. When I open it either in standalone mode or as a VST in Cubase 9.5, there is no content. If I open the Load Multi-Program window, there is no list of instruments, samples, or whatever I’m supposed to see there. This was a problem with HALion SE that came with Cubase, too.

How do I get it to see the programs?

Are you sure you downloaded the full installer for Halion and Cubase and not just some update…? Halion is 28 GB.

Yes, I downloaded the full 26 GB plus the update. I can see the files in the folder where I told it to install them.

On a hunch, I ran HALion Standalone Player in Administrator Mode (I keep my working Windows account using non-admin privileges as part of my anti-virus/malware strategy) and then I see all the programs. Then I ran the Library Manager in admin mode and moved the files that were installed in Prograam Files to where I wanted them in the first place, in a folder created by my non-admin user. And still I don’t see them unless I run HALion in admin mode. I think the key is finding a folder to move them to where I don’t need admin privileges to see them.

This has happened to me as well. But I do not find anything using Admin permissions.