HALion 6 - No Option to manually add H6 library after installation.

Hi Guys,

Looking for some advice with HALion 6; I recently upgraded from HALion Sonic 3 and the H6 content isn’t showing.

I used the Download Manager to download HALion 6 - 6.4.0, Installation Guide HALion 6 and Version History 3.4.0, but Content HALion 6 kept producing an error (dropped connection perhaps) after completing about a third of the download. As a result, I downloaded these files on my main PC which has a more stable connection, I then manually copied the ‘Content HALion 6’ folder to the installation folder - Steinberg/WIN64 and ran the Halion_Application_6.4_Installer_win.exe file.

The installation completed successfully and HALion 6 works as expected, it picked up my previous installation and added the HS3 libraries etc to the Media Browser, however there is no sign of the HALion 6 content.

The installation guide says this is usually installed using the Download Manager after the download has completed, unfortunately this wasn’t an option in my case as I had to download the libraries on a different PC. I’ve tried adding the libraries manually using the Library Manager but to no avail. I’m sure there is a simple solution I’m overlooking?

Can anyone advise on the best way to manually add the content to HALion 6?

Thanks in advance, and apologies for the long-winded explanation.

Kind regards,
George Wood

I managed to download the Content HALion 6 Library using the Download Assistant, I got the required options to add / register the libraries, everything seems to be fine now.

Kind regards,

George Wood