HALion 6 not working in Dorico 3.5

HALion Sonic SE3 works beautifully in Dorico 3.5. However HALion Sonic SE3 does not have all the VST instruments that HALion 6 does. Dorico recognizes HALion 6 but blocks the plug in even though I move HALion 6 to the don’t block box. As a result I cannot hear any of the HALion 6 instruments during playback even though it does play within the HALion 6 program.

I want to use the HALion 6 instruments and not the HALion Sonic SE3 instruments because of it having a much bigger library.

How do I enable HALion 6 to work in Durico? And why does HALion Sonic SE3 only have half the library of instruments compared to HALion 6? Is it because they are VST2s?

Also, is it possible that the sound card can only playback/share one HALion program (which happens to only be HALion Sonic SE3) while Durico is running?


Hi, please choose in Dorico from the menu ‘Help > Create Diagnostics Report’ and post the corresponding zip file here.
We have to find out why HALion 6 gets blocked with you, because that is not normal. What exact version of HALion do you have?