Halion 6 not working! (solved)

It’s late, I have been unsuccesfully trying to install Halion 6 to no avail!

It is a memory nightmare, be aware to have at least 100 gb free before installing! I have tried three times uninstalling and re-installing but no luck. Halion 6 jams on standalone mode on loadup and crashes Cubase on loading. This is a real pain because my current work songs usually requiring Halion 5 will now crash on load! Not happy!

I recently upgraded to Cubase 9.1 with no problems, it is too late in the day to work out what my DAW actually consists off but I formerly have no problems running Cubase 9 and Halion 5 with several instances at times and shed loads of audio and plugins . Now it’s ko-d with H6! I have an Alien PC pentium 4 at 64bit UR22 SSID Drive 250, Win 7

Basically Halion 6 and Sonic 3 hangs on load up. Cn’a find anything on the knowledgebase yet!

After a titanic struggle and two attempts at downloading I am pleased to say that I now have Halion 6 working happily with WIN 7
I had to overcome a problem where my WIN updates hung on searching my PC for updates first. Once I cracked that, I updated everypatch I could find - first to no avail, then

Matthias from Steinberg wrote…

The critical issue might be the Direct2D update. So you should properly try this one:

Platform update for Windows 7 SP1 and Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 - Microsoft Support

The 2D patch was the one Eureeka!

I guess I was to quick to purchase, download and install in my enthusiasm, without first checking the small print!
I assumed as I downloaded an upgrade to Cubase 9 last week and that WIN 7 is the DAW worlds most popular platform that of course Steinberg would be supporting WIN 7 - I didn’t bother to check!
Maybe they could have put a clearer warning that WIN7 was not supported somewhere near the purchase page? They certainly caught a lot of us on the hop!

Anyway now it is up and running, I can say what a terrific game changer H6 is! Fantastic!