Halion 6 Panorama P4 ADSR Learn CC


I’m trying to assign the ADSR to faders on my Panorama P4 with Halion 6. I’m able to assign various other parameters to the faders, such as oscillation speed or osc level, but, can’t get ADSR to work. I right mouse click on the node, go to Zone 1 Amp Evn Attack, Learn CC, but, nothing happens. I have reset the controllers to factory default through the options menu, but, that doesnt work.

Again, I am able to assign these faders to other parts of Halion, and it works fine. However, when I try to assign them to ADSR, I can’t get any knob or fader on my controller to work.

If I first assign the Attack to a quick control, then learn cc on the quick control, the fader works fine to control that quick control but does not impact the attack.