Halion 6 - Programs or Multi Programs Saving

Hello !

Halion 6 - Programs or Multi Programs Saving
I have used Halion before but i am new to Halion 6.
I have Presets made with Halion 3 for Instance a ‘BIG Piano’.
This BIG Piano consists in the Directory Folder as a Program and a Sub Dir with many Samples…

Can i save the BIG Piano as 1 single file ?

That would tidy up my collections of patches / programs and samples (wav subdirs).


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Would be great if the Moderators not only approve the posting, but can be answering the question >?
Quess not, Kermit only reacts when you write something wrong…

Lots of lovely new information for you:-

Sound Library creation = 1 file (*.vstsound) containing all samples and program detail, that can be used inside HALion Sonic/(SE) 3 for example

Big maintenance update also just released; lots of good stuff addressed by the looks of it… Steinberg are listening and working hard…!!