Halion 6 Questions - CC's

I am looking at purchasing a sample library however I need to know how it might respond to MIDI CC’s, in particular CC7 and CC11.

Currently I use SampleTank but it only responds to CC7 so if I send a volume change to it, any subsequent changes means I must “restore” the volume before adding any more changes which is time consuming.

I have used CC7 and CC11 with hardware modules and believe that CC11 is a relative controller so would prefer to use this if I can and need to know if Halion 6 can respond to both CC7 and CC11 controllers separately.

Thanks for any help.

Halion 6 and Halion Sonic behave just like hardware modules in this case. It responds to both CC7 and CC11 and CC11 is relative to CC7.

Thanks for writing.

So it’s possible that the same control responds to both CC7 and CC11 or must they be assigned to different controls?

For example, with SampleTank, you can’t assign more than one CC to one control unless I’m confused about something.

You can assign the same MIDI controller several times to different parameters (for example, you could set CC28 to change the volume, pan and fine tuning all at the same time). However, you cannot assign different MIDI controllers to the same parameter.

This part of the manual addresses MIDI controllers. Check the subsections: MIDI Controllers