Halion 6 questions


A few questions about H6:

Can I drag and drop audio files from Logics “audio bin” and/or arrangement window into Halion?
In the loop editor there are loop A and loop B options. Can I actually create two loop regions or are they just for A and B comparison?
How precise is the slicer when using transient detection, and will it automatically sync to host tempo?


On Q1 I’m not sure, but it’s doable in Cubase.

Q2: You can have a sustain and release loop for both A and B. Settings can be copied from one to the other as well.

Q3: Sometimes you’ll have a bit of transient from the next hit in your slice, but you can quickly drag/edit this out before applying the slicer. Detection of hits is very accurate though.

Tempo sync is automatic. A midi module is also added which lets you play the loop at different pitches, do internal quantizing and has the separate samples mapped in a chromatic scale. There is also a section which lets you do filter, pitch, aux send etc. on a per sample slice basis.

Great! Thanks.