Halion 6 - Sample Zone Issue - Missing command: Insert Sample into Zone

Hi there,

I am currently without any idea how to get this problem solved:
Szenario is -

  • created a sample zone
  • import or recorded samples into this zone, lets say fro C0 to B5 (chromatic)

fyi: every key has a sample which contains a spoken word on it, which should stay in a specific key location for the logic of the spoken words

Everything works fine - until I discovered, that I need another sample right in the middle of the existing sample zone (already filled completely up with my recorded word samples - no space in between).
It seems to be impossible to insert the new recorded sample somewhere in the middle of the existing zone (without loosing the old one sitting on this key or to double both the old and the new one together).

Like in MS Excel f.e. you can insert a Column with the option to shift all depending Columns to the right.

Transferred to Halion 6: Insert a new sample into a existing Zone to a key which has already a sample assingned and then shift automatically all the other assingend samples +1 key to the right - while expanding the existing zone parameters or boundaries +1 note (or even more if needed).

It seems not possible to me. Sure - you can select a key range in a Zone by simply draw a rectangle with your mouse around the wanted samples. You can do a lot of other stuff with this so selected samples, f.e. change gain or something else. But you cannot grab this area and simply shift it f.e. one note right, so you get an empty note before the shifted area to be replaced by the new recorded sample.

Well - maybe I am lost in Halion’s multiple workspace and some of you has a simple solution for this task. I cannot imagine Steinberg has “forgotten” to put an “Insert” command between “Cut”, “Copy”, or “Paste” standard routines.

Happy to hear from you,


Did you try this in mapping editor? This should be possible. (You probably want to select the option to move the root key with the zones.)

Hi misohoza,
thanks for you reply and suggestion. Let’s see what we have:

This is the Zone completely selected.

This is the Zone selected by mouse rectangle from F# 0 - A 5 - marked in red within the zone.

Now I want to move the complete selected area f.e. one Key higher - so that the selected area becomes G 0 - A# 5 - and then I would have a empty key without a sample in it at F# 0.
But I don’t know how to move the selected area.

Left click into the selected area plays only the sample placed on that key. Right cklick gives me a context menu with these options:


I tried also left mouse with SHIFT, ALT, STRG and different combinations - but the cursor don’t change into a “move” tool.

The task is not to move the complete Zone - instead just move a selected part from the Zone to get a sample free key, where I can put a new sample onto it. Like this:

I also tried to increase the Zone up to one Key at it’s end, than select the wanted keys by rectangle tool, cut and paste it again one key higher. But it always paste it into the original key area - and don’t give me the free key I urgently need.

Maybe I do a mistake within the paste process. Is it possible to tell where or at which key the paste should start?

To be honest, I didn’t understand the hierachy thing in complete. Maybe I do something wrong with a selection of the needed layer in the program tree? Well, you see - lot’s of questions, many hours to find a solution, but lot’s of questions are still without an answer.

Thank you in advance,


You can simply click and drag the zone (or selection of zones) with mouse to move. Drag the edges to change the key mapping or velocity mapping.

You can also use keyboard shortcuts. Shift + arrow keys to move the selection.

Try also Ctrl + arrow keys and Alt + arrow keys.

Hi misohoza!

Well, what is there to say then - I spent so many hours on this problem, and you solved it!!! Thank you mishoza - for your effort on my stupidity :slight_smile: !

For whatever reason it won’t work to drag and drop the selected area with the mouse.

But SHIFT + ARROW-KEYS do the job!!

Very happy, ashamed a bit - but still happy - again thanks misohoza!

Please stay safe and healthy in this difficult times!

:slight_smile: soonar