HALion (6, Sonic 3, and 3 SE) all take forever to open a UI after updates

Windows 10

I’m rather confused. Opening HALion in any form takes forever to show a UI. I get a busy mouse cursor for as long as 5 minutes before the plugin displays! Aside from that, it seems to work fine.

Yes, even once the plugin is up and running, if I close the UI, and open it again, it takes ages to show up again!

It happens with any host I try. It also happens if I launch the stand alone version of anything HALion!

This behavior began after updating everything Steinberg I have to their latest versions using Download Assistant. This includes accepting the updates for the new Licensing system for Groove Agent 5 and Simon Phillips Jazz Drums.

I have tried reinstalling everything I can think of! eLicenser. Activation Manager. HALion 6, Sonic SE, Groove Agent, etc.

This is intolerable to say the least.

Any ideas on what I should try to fix this?