Halion 6 standalone mode

When are we going to hear news about any halion update, i use halion a lot, more so in standalone mode, but i find it very limited, its easier for me to open halion as a note pad and get cracking on a tune straight away, rather than starting a new project in cubase.
I’d like to see more midi recording features ,overdubs or adding midi tracks etc, then when i have some idea’s down, place a big red button somewhere that opens cubase, and hey presto cubase opens with the project ready to go.
Would anyone else use halion in this way, and what updates would you like to see in standalone mode.

NO!.. seams to me over the top since you gonna open Cubase anyways…
I rather work in Cubase.

You can record 1 midi track and export for now.

What I want to see is the MACRO page open to the users to properly display the content’s artwork and the QC should be on the macro tab.
HALion has some redundant parameters and too deep for some to work with.
GUI needs an update.