HALion 6 Studio Strings high pitch noice in playback

Hi everyone,

Just downloaded HALion 6 and after recording its Studio Strings and Hot Brass in CB 9.5 Pro some instruments have a very high ear piercing frequency (noise) during the playback. I can preview those instruments in Media Bay and record fine but the playback is impossible to listen to due to high pitch noise. It happens on about 50% of all instruments in those 2 libraries. After the playback is finished I try to play the instrument without recording anything to see if that high pitch noise goes away. It does not. I need to delete a track and create a new one to start fresh. When I press the keyboard key very softly the ear piercing noise is very pronounced with an instrument barely audible. The harder I press the key the less pronounced the noise is. I’d appreciate any help you may be able to offer and thank you for your time.

It seems Halion is making that high pitched noise in playback if the control room is disabled. When I enabled the control room there is no more high pitch noise in playback. Enabling the control room presented me with another problem. I can no longer preview the instruments in the Media Bay. If I want to hear the metronome click I can not hear the instruments in Media Bay, or vice versa by switching the output routing. Would appreciate thoughts on how to fix this.

Can you provide more details? What presets are you using in Halion and how are you using them as a project? Instrument track? Any effects plugins or sends?

Just factory presets, no other plug ins. It seems that high pitch noise in playback is gone only if CR is enabled. When the CR is turned on I have to compromise on either hearing the metronome click or hear the sounds preview in the Media Bay. So far I can’t figure out how to hear both. It doesn’t effect any other VST instrument, only Halion 6 and Halion Sonic 3. HS 2 didn’t have this problem. Thanks for trying to figure this out.
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Just to add, I use instrument track, no sends.

Can you give me a few examples of the presets that give the high pitched noise? I’ll check on my side.

Yes, for HS3 Studio Strings - Winter’s Tale - when playing single notes everything is normal, if playing chords the high pitched noise is in Winter’s Tale. Golden Days anyway I play, Sand Dunes anyway I play, Violin Case anyway I play and bunch others. In Hot Brass - Turn me On, Swell on Demand, Puppet Show, Epic Swell, etc. These are just a few samples. It’s not every sound but it’s about 30-50% of them. Like I wrote earlier the noise goes away only if I enable the CR and select my interface in Audio Device and Device Port tabs. But I can’t hear the metronome click in this set up. I have to switch to “outputs” tab in CR if I want to hear the metronome click but then the high pitch noise returns. Thanks for checking into this rlared.