Halion 6 Trial download

Hi. I’ve been trying to download Halion 6 Trial version, but the Steinberg Download Assistant keeps giving me an error.
I am currently on tour in China, so perhaps my internet service is to blame (although I’ve downloaded tons of stuff here).
One day I managed to get to around 25 Gig, but then I got an error.
And every time I press Retry button, I loose a couple of gigabytes. So I am now back at 4 Gig…
I’m still trying to find solution. My hotel is using a VPN server based in Hong Kong. Could this be the problem?
I tried another VPN, and tried to switch servers, but I just get a different error message.
I would appreciate any suggestions.

I’ve got the same problem except I’m not in China and I’ve been trying to download my purchase of Halion 6. I’m in the U.S. and started the download fine. I thought I’d let it run all night, but two nights in a row my computer (MBP) either froze or restarted itself (this never happens). Now all I get is a message saying that the download failed, try again later.

Don’t you think the Download Assistant should be able to say why it failed? Now the download never even gets a chance to start. I’ve reinstalled the download assistant to no avail.

Please have a look at your download folder and check the HALion 6 download. There might be the chance that H6 has already been downloaded fully.

If not, please try to download during the day. Some providers disconnect the internet connection for a few seconds at night which could mess up the download with the assistant.

With the exception of the first time I started the download, and another time after a Safe Boot, there hasn’t been time for the “Steinberg” sub-folder for the download to be created.

The error message now appears immediately. I have tried numerous times throughout the day. I’m not sure if it matters, but I’m trying to download it to an external HD.

I’ve included a screenshot of the error message I get:
download error.tiff (197 KB)

I do have a Halion 6 folder with a lot a files, and it even shows the size of about 29 Gig,
but the file extensions are .sda-download. And I get errors when I try to unpack them.

I was wondering if I could download the files directly, without Download Assistant.
I just downloaded my Cubase update using Chrome download without any problems.