Halion 6 trial problems

I downloaded Halion 6 thirty day trial, downloaded, e-licensed it, used Audio Unit format in Logic Pro… All good, nice sounds…

I emailed some tech questions.

Next day, Halion won’t load says to contact manufacturer for help. There is no phone tech help. Steinberg website, says to contact US hotline. I call them. They only distribute products, don’t know anything about them… Find another US tech number… All you can do is fill out tech support form.
One box asks for the registered product. There are not choices, nor can I enter anything into the box… Since it’s a trial, I get it doesn’t get registered.

So here I am with a trial product I can’t try. Spent over 3 hours on phone calls, No one returns calls… A company this size, has no phone tech support for an expensive virtual instrument…

POOR… I looked on some outside forums, lots of remarks about poor, or non-existannt tech support.
I loved what little I heard the first day, and have hear good reports form users… But if this is how they treat their customers or potential customers,
I will not become a customer… And I though IK Multimedia tech support was poor. This is worse.


There seems to be a problem with the LPX 10.3.2 update and our VST instruments. For know you can only roll back to 10.3.1.


Thank you Matthias for giving me a work around

Tried using that, Logic 10.3.1 - it doesn’t work… Problem is after authorizing HALion 6, (only installed Audio Unit)… HALion will work on the first time, but will not be authorized to work on further attempts (next day).

After hours of trying to find a real person to speak to in North America, I could find none. (Steinberg lists a US distributor as a ‘hotline’… They only did paper work and set up shipping of products, knew absolutely nothing about the products they shipped.

Trying to set up a ‘support ticket’ is a joke, because it NEEDS to have a ‘registered product’ in one of the boxes… Since HALion 6 was a trial, There was no choice for me to enter, and I couldn’t ‘type into’ the box. I COULD NOT create a support ticket…

I ended up calling Yamaha direct, several phone calls later I spoke to someone at Steinberg, who set up a support ticket for me over the phone.

I got an email from ‘Alexandra’, telling me they were aware, that HALion 6 will not authorize properly, and at some point they would address the issue and notify me… When i responded about resetting the 30 day trial. They chose not to respond.

This incident, and the comments here and on some other non-Steinberg forums (full of complaints about NO tech support), has forced me to un-install and not attempt to use it.

I’m frustrated about it, but know when to quit…


Have you tried to reset and rescan HALion in the Plugin Manager?

Sorry for the inconvenience.