Halion 6 Update 6.3.0 no outputdevice

After updating Halion6 with the lateste update ( I have issues with the Standalone Version (
With that version I cannot select my outputdevice (Steinberg UR22) on the Main page (Loudspeaker symbol) any more.

I can select my Midikeyboard (M-Audio Code 25) but Halion 6 does not receive any midi date (the orange “Lamp” is not flashing)

Using the HalionSonic 3 (and Wavelab, Cubase) everything is working fine.

Am i doing something wrong or…?

open the plug-in references and check if the correct ASIO driver is selected

Hello Cubender,
thanks for your reply, but as I tried to explain in my first post, everything was correctly setup.
Finally I was able to fix the problem.
I found in Users/…/appdata/roaming/Steinberg two folders Halion 6 Standalone_64 and Halion 6_64 that contained some preferences.
I renamed these folders (just to have them available in case…) and copied the folders Halion Sonic Standalone_64 and Halion Sonic_64 to the correspondig Halion 6 folders.
Now everything is ok again.

Best regards and thanks agian.