halion 6 vst sound files missing

Well, i had Groove Agent 4 with a few bought extras, f.i. Beat Essentials package. Traded it in with the Absolute 3 deal which has GA4 included.
However some VST sound files got lost in the installation process, i noticed in Halion 6 on bootup.
An annoying one is ADD_SMT_182_Beat Essentials.VSTsound that’s missing. Reinstalling Beat essentials only installs ADD_SMT_181_Beat Essentials.VSTsound. If you explore it’s installer MSI the 182 is there, but it just won’t install, only 181.
VSTsound missing.jpg
What’s up helpers? regs, F

I don’t have that exact problem, but after installing som add on packs I also got some other sounds missing. It is hard to figure out what will happen when you install packs with Halion/Groove Agent.

Well, i solved it sort of … got the .vstsound extracted with an exe extractor from the Steinberg installer, and copied them manually to the location where they should be … F

Where they should be?

I am having the same issue. I am missing “42 files”, i installed Halion 6 to C:/Program Files/Steinberg

Halion 5 worked flawlessly, now i am for some reason missing content. A LOT. No raven, no flux, nothing…

I am losing my hair over this. I have some work to do and i cannot do it because this problem!

For me Halion 6.1 is missing Raven and Eagle pianos, sounds and their icons - in stand alone and in Cubase. Anyone have any ideas? I have downloaded the content too.
Always something.

I had to reinstall Windows. So I reinstalled Cubase 9 and 9.5 upgrade with the updates. Then Halion 6. Same here, Arctic Piano and others are very used in the current project. No more of this sound and about 1000 others bundled with Halion 5. Tried to reinstall H5 but problem with authorization so it does not work. A solution is urgent for a bunch of us as I can see.

When I reinstalled Windows, I had my key for Halion 6 on my eLincenser so I installed Halion 6. Halion 6 is supposed to include Halion 5. My Halion 5 was an upgrade for Halion Sonic 2. Then I wonder.

What if I uninstall Halion 6 and start from scratch. Reinstall 2, then 5, then 6. Would I break anything ? Will my eLincenser let me do this ?

I tried to reinstall Halion Sonic 2. The autorization was refused because the key has already been used. On the same PC. And as stated by all of you, no support from Steinberg.