Halion 6 VST Sound installation issues

Hi all,

So, here’s where I am at as I’m having trouble in getting the full VST Sound files to install with Halion 6. (When I start H6, it finds many files are missing - see attachment as an example) I’ve posted in the HALion forum too, and only just seen this forum which may be able to help as well!!
I have used the Download Assistant to get the full 29Gb Halion 6 package, which is comprised of 14 ‘parts’ - (An Application to start the installation and 13 RAR files)
So, I start the “Part 1” and it extracts all of the 14 ‘parts’ into a new HALion folders in my Steinberg/downloads folder.
Now, when I look in the Additional Content, I can see 132 files which is 28.9Gb.

Can someone just tell me that that is correct please?
At the bottom of all of the VSTSOUND Files, I can see further Windows Installers (Halion Content, Halion Sonic Content, Reverence_Content etc…) Do these need extracting and installing too?

I’d just like some pointers before I start please in order to get the full suite of VSTSound files working with my H6.

Any help/advice is very much appreciated.

Many thanks,